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I first engaged Annette to coach an employee I was planning to promote. I was worried she might be challenged by the new leadership role and thought coaching could help. Three months later she had acquired new skills, gained confidence and was clearly ready for expanded responsibility as a senior leader. Based on this success I hired Annette to support two other employees. The positive impact on their staff management and leadership skills has been palpable. I have also noticed some culture change in our agency, which is having benefits even beyond the employees being coached. Annette’s coaching services have been a powerful professional development tool for our staff and a major source of support for me as CEO.
— Andrea Howard, CEO, West End House
As a young woman in my first executive leadership position, I have found working with Annette to be a tremendously beneficial experience. Annette is thoughtful and intuitive, and her guidance has helped me to become a more focused and professional leader. There was no problem too big or too small for Annette to help me tackle and I am incredibly grateful to her for providing me with a ‘toolkit’ of skills to help me make difficult decisions for myself. Annette’s many years of leadership within the nonprofit world meant that she had personal experience with many of the issues I was facing and brought expertise from ‘the field’ to our conversations. Annette’s coaching has helped me gain the confidence I need to continue to build a successful career in the non profit world.
— Sarah Abramson, Nonprofit Executive Director
Starting a new chapter, I felt much like Dickinson: “I dwell in possibility.” But I had stalled and was struggling to see a clear path for myself. Annette came at exactly the right time and has made a difference in ways I cannot fully measure. Working with her has helped me rediscover my sense of direction, in work and in life. She’s an astute coach and savvy advisor, but also a cheerleader; there to help plan and navigate, from big picture to smallest detail, from thought to strategy to execution. I always leave our sessions feeling upbeat, determined and enthusiastic. And throughout the coaching process, her support and nonstop positivity have bolstered my confidence and spurred my to keep moving forward. Owing in no small part to my work with Annette, I am at last beginning to achieve my goals on the way to realizing a personal vision I can truly embrace.
— Valerie Sandberg, Nonprofit fundraising consultant

Annette was assigned to me as a mentor through the Institute for Nonprofit Leadership at BU’s School of Management. We met monthly for the duration of this year-long program, and then continued throughout the following year (she’s an above-and-beyond kind of woman!). She is a smart, creative, seasoned leader, and coach, and has served as a wonderful resource. Over the course of many months, she helped me reflect on both professional and personal goals, sharing stories and insights from her career (careers, really) and life. She is committed to listening and asking thoughtful questions, and has pushed me to consider new approaches to leadership and career pathways. She was particularly valuable in helping me figure out how to gracefully transition out of a position I held for many years, and supportive of the unconventional move I decided to make afterwards. I recommend Annette very highly, and consider myself very fortunate to have been “matched” with her!
— Emily Raine, Nonprofit Regional Director
I was finishing up grad school, and had been thinking a lot about what was next for me in my career. Annette and I met to talk through my goals and help me think about this more clearly. Her calm demeanor and clear questions helped me think through the skills that I wanted to apply to my next role, and the ways in which I would be able to do this. Annette created an environment in which I felt comfortable expressing myself and talking through all of my concerns in a constructive way. I walked away from our sessions with clear next steps and more confidence about my next career moves.
— Miriam Rubin, former Nonprofit Program Manager
I had grown restless in my position, yet I was unable to articulate the responsibilities I sought in my next role, the type of organization I prefer, the organizational culture I require, and my career aspirations. Annette engaged me through a series of questions, tools and dialogue. She facilitated my formulation of my vision for my career development. I am now implementing the concrete steps of the strategy the we designed together. Additionally, Annette’s extensive experience in the nonprofit arena informed my expectations of the job market. Annette empowered me to regain my confidence and proactively manage my career advancement.
— Development Professional, health care institution