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What is Professional Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process designed to create long-lasting change in a client’s career and life. The one-on-one relationship between the client and the coach helps the client determine what he or she wants to do, what's in the way of his or her progress, and how to move forward with a clear plan of action.

Many people use coaching during periods of life transition, change, or when they want to achieve a new level of skill and satisfaction in their business or personal life. Annette Rubin’s background allows her to be particularly effective supporting nonprofit professionals to achieve career success.

Coaching is not counseling. While counseling aims to heal past personal and psychological issues, coaching offers tangible opportunities for the future. Professional coaching confronts personal barriers that clients may face to help them gain confidence, become better leaders, thrive in their careers, and live extraordinary lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from coaching?
Professionals may seek coaching for themselves or their key employees to further develop their leadership skills and effectiveness. Executives, managers, and entrepreneurs utilize coaching both to address specific issues or gain specific skills, as well as to engage in continuous growth and transformation. 

What kinds of topics will I explore?
We work with you on whatever affects your success. Clients often want to identify their career goals, improve their presence in the workplace, tackle tough conversations, manage challenging interpersonal interactions, implement succession plans, get more done, or obtain a work/life balance.

Where and when will my coach and I work together?
Each client is unique and Coaching to Potential will tailor the program to your specific needs. However, the core of professional coaching consists of one-on-one, weekly one hour coaching phone calls or in-person meetings, which are intensive and personalized. In the later phase of a program, meetings may taper down to monthly or bi-monthly. Additional support is available from the coach, between sessions, by telephone or email.

What will my coach and I do?
Mostly, we will converse. The initial phase is an in-depth evaluation of your needs and wants. This is immediately followed by clear goal setting (what you expect to achieve through coaching). Goals will range from modest and pragmatic to those that will stretch you, but they will always be achievable, measurable, and relevant.

During coaching sessions, intense listening and creative questioning are aimed at helping you find a response to your own challenges. Several tools and techniques will be integrated into the session. These are often transparent to the client; the focus is on both the journey and the destination.

Will I have assignments?
Sometimes we will decide together that it would be helpful for you to do “homework” as follow up from our session. For example, you may fill out a questionnaire or do an exercise to clarify certain aspects of our discussion. Or, together we may identify specific tasks for you to accomplish between sessions.  

Is coaching confidential?
Absolutely. The working relationship we build together is based on trust. What’s said in coaching stays in coaching!

Don’t people just hire a coach because they want someone to talk to?
This can be an element of it, although it's not the sole purpose. Leaders may not have many people with whom they can confide, vent, acknowledge challenges, or strategize to institute change. One of the Coach’s roles is to offer a non-judgmental strategic partner who can "give it to them straight." 

Is coaching for me?
The first meeting is complimentary. Let’s chat and see. I can also provide you with references from successful clients.