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Articles and Resources

Everyone Thinks You’re Doing a Great Job. Why Don’t You?

Too often outwardly successful and experienced nonprofit professionals inwardly believe they are fooling everyone and are really not good enough to achieve their goals. This negative self-talk can undermine even the most successful individuals and limit their effectiveness. For full article:

Published in MassNonprofit News, Wednesday Report, 11-14-18

Getting Everything Done When It Feels Like There's too Much to Do

In the nonprofit world there always seems to be too much work and too few resources, but by focusing on what really matters—and using your time carefully and wisely—you'll be surprised what you can accomplish. Here are suggestions for getting everything done, even when it feels so overwhelming, culled from the experiences of individuals who somehow manage to do it all (or at least most).  For full article:

Published in MassNonprofit News, Wednesday Report, 9-28-16


Retaining nonprofit staff can be challenging, especially given relatively low salaries in the sector, but being able to keep staff is critical, as the cost of turnover is expensive and time-consuming. While salary is of course a significant factor for nonprofit employees, it turns out not to be the most critical issue for retention. This is true as long as salaries are in the ballpark with other similar organizations and are sufficient to make employees feel financially secure. If it isn’t money, what makes people leave? Here’s what I’ve found. For full article:

Published in Nonprofit News, Wednesday Report, 2-24-2016


Experienced executive directors often say they wish they had known early in their careers what they know now. Here are four tips from those who have been there.  1. Have a plan - As you begin your executive director role, you may feel like you are jumping onto a moving train. There is so much going on and, as the new leader you may feel the need to address it all right away. But, if you take a step back and give yourself the time and space to determine your goals and priorities, as well as the strategic steps you need to achieve them, you will be doing yourself a huge favor. For full article:

Published in Nonprofit News, Wednesday Report, 1-14-2016

Coaching Pays Off for Nonprofits and Their Funders  

Because most philanthropists seek to empower grantees to successfully achieve their missions, they have a strong interest in enhancing organizational leadership, and executive coaching offers a cost-effective path forward. Widely and successfully used in the private sector to support managers and executives to build and sustain great organizations, coaching has been less common among nonprofits. But nonprofits, and their funders, have every reason to access the benefits of coaching. For full article:

Published in Nonprofit News, Wednesday Report, 8-12-15


It may seem quickest and most efficient to make that call, handle that task, or take on a project yourself, but there are compelling reasons why it is not in the best, long-term interest for nonprofit leaders to do everything themselves. For full article:

Published in Nonprofit News, Wednesday Report, 6-5-15

How can nonprofit leaders turn management headaches into opportunities?

We all have employees who are just not meeting their potential, are getting stuck in their efforts to move projects forward, or are frustrating themselves or their colleagues. As a supervisor you may be hesitant to talk to them about it. You might just ignore it and hope it will go away. It won't! An approach that can transform this problem into an opportunity is professional coaching. For full article:

Published on LinkedIn, 3-25-15